Eaton K(B)CG-6/8 Series Proportional Pressure Relief Valves

These two-stage pressure relief valves offer extensive application possibilities through their ability to control the pressure setting in proportion to an applied electrical input (up to a pressure limit which is manually adjustable and lockable).

The integral amplifier allows the pressure to be controlled from a low power command signal: either a voltage or current command. The amplifier is mounted in a robust metal housing and electrical connections are via an industry standard 7-pin plug. Factory-set adjustments ensure high reproducibility valve-to-valve.

Basic Characteristics:

  • Max. pressure: 350 bar (5000 psi)
  • Max. flow rate: 400 L/min (106 USgpm)
  • Mounting face to ISO 6264: 
    For KBCG-6............... AR-06-2-A
    For KBCG-8............... AS-08-2-A