Eaton KBSDG4V-5 Series Proportional Directional Valves With Feedback

KBSDG4V-5 line offers a range of proportional directional valves with integral control electronics. Factory-set adjustments of gain  and offset ensure consistent reproducibility valve-to-valve.These four-way solenoid operated proportional valves have a high dynamic performance which enables them to be used in c losed-loop applications, previously possible only with servo valves. Various spool options are available for rated flows up to 80 L/min (21 USgpm). Working pressures are to 315 bar (4500 psi). The spool position is monitored by an LVDT which feeds back information to the amplifier, enabling spool position to be accurately maintained. This valve is currently available with an integral amplifier built directly onto the valve.Pressures to 315 bar (4500 psi)