Eaton K*G4V-3 Proportional, Directional and Throttle Valves

KDG and KTG Valves Vickers KDG and KTG valves are non-feedback type proportional valves. The KDG is a proportional  irectional valve with two solenoids (C models). It incorporates control of flow, direction, acceleration, and deceleration in a  ingle
control valve.

The KTG is a proportional throttle valve with a single solenoid. B models are spring centered with solenoid A removed. F models are spring offset to port A and respond to an increasing signal by reducing the flow rate. The KTG’s spool can be infinitely positioned to achieve throttling (restriction) of the fluid flow.

The primary function of these valves is to direct and meter fluid flow in proportion to current received by the solenoid. This fluid flow controls the velocity, direction, and acceleration or deceleration of a work cylinder  or fluid motor.

These valves are designed to fill the performance gap between conventional solenoid operated directional valves and servo valves or feedback-type proportional valves. They provide control of spool position and metered fluid flow in applications that don’t require the high levels of accuracy, repeatability, or response possible with feedback-type proportional valves or servos.