Eaton Dual Self-Level Valve

The Dual Self-Level valve is designed to be used in open center, closed center and load sensing systems. In addition, it may be used with parallel or series circuit valves.

When connected to a parallel circuit valve, the system is capable of self-leveling or operating boom and bucket individually. When the self-level valve is installed in a system that used a series circuit valve, the boom spool must be upstream from the bucket spool for the leveling valve to function properly.

Loader control valve metering and timing are important in maintaining good boom and bucket control in both conventional and self-leveling systems. Cavitation of the boom cylinder is possible, in the boom lower mode, if “inlet to workport” metering lags behind “workport to return” metering. If this is allowed, the bucket will hesitate during its next cycle while the rod end of the boom cylinder fills with oil.

Standard Features:

  • Cast Iron Body
  • Cored Internal Passages
  • Spools are precision Ground and Induction Hardened
  • Connects Into Open Center, Closed Center and Load Sensing Systems
  • Can be used with Parallel or Series Circuit Valves
  • Externally Adjustable Flow Division