Eaton Accessories Fixing Bolt Kits

There is a wide range of Vickers bolt kits available for fastening surface-mounting products, with or without stacking valves, to subplates or other mounting pads. Certain kits contain the two sizes of bolts needed for some products. Some bolt kits include spring washers; these kits are marked by “u”. Unless otherwise stated, all bolts are of Class 12.9 (ISO 898) strength, minimum U.T.S = 1200 MN/m2 (17,4 x 104lbf/in2).

To determine the correct bolt length please refer to the Product Technical Literature. Each product technical brochure details the product’s bolt clamping dimension in the installation data section. Calculate the total clamping dimension maintaining the recommended maximum number of valves in any one stack. Each bolt must include the correct thread engagement length for the sub-plate / manifold block and material used. To provide a guide to the length, a minimum factor of 1.5 x bolt diameter should be used with the consideration to the material and/or system pressure selected.