Eaton Valvister Proportional Throttles


ISO 7368 (DIN 24342)
CVCS-**-HFV, 10 Series, Covers
CVI-**-HFV-A/B, 10 Series, Inserts

The HFV (Hydraulic Feedback Valvistor) range of slip-in cartridge valves uses a self-regulating hydraulic design for the control of flow rate by a current-controlled PWM signal. The design achieves servo-type control of the main poppet without using an electrical feedback transducer.

The construction and features of these valves open up a wide range of applications with hydraulic cylinders and motors. Such applications include die casting, deep drawn presses, injection molding, container handling, shovel loaders, forestry and dump

With the addition of HFV valves to the established ISO 7368 (DIN 24342) cartridge valves, Vickers has further enhanced an already comprehensive range.