Eaton Pressure Relief Valves Overview

Remote Controls, Relief and Sequence Valves, and Single and Multiple Pressure Solenoid and Air Operated Relief Valves

  • Series CGE-02/06/10 Remote/Electrically Modulated Controls 3
  • Series CGR-02 Remote Controls 
  • Series C-175 Remote Control/Relief Valves
  • Series CG-03 Relief Valves
  • Series C*-03/06/10 Relief/Sequence Valves
  • Series CG-06/10 Relief/Sequence Valves
  • Series CGAM-06/10 Adapter Mounting Plates 
  • Series C*5-03/06/10 Pilot Operated Relief Valves
  • Series C*19-06/10 Air Operated Relief Valves 
  • Series C*-06/10-DG Bi/Tri-Pressure Relief Valves
  • Series C*-06/10-DG-M-M Bi/Tri-Pressure Relief Valves