Eaton Pressure Relief "UR", and "X" Series

“R”, “UR”, and “X” 03/06/10/12 Series
Pressures to 210 bar (3000 psi) – Flows to 284 l/min (75 USgpm)

There are several configurations of this basic valve which can be made by changing cover positions. The following outlines each type of function.

Sequence and Unloading

Vickers “Hydrocushion” type pressure control valves are used for the control of unloading and sequence of oil flow in hydraulic systems, induced by a pressure rise, directly or by remote means. They are available in the following types: sequence valve, Type 2—directly operated; sequence valve, Type 3—remotely controlled; unloading valve, Type 4—remotely controlled.

Back Pressure

Back pressure valves are designated as Type 1—internally operated. They are used to provide back pressure on the hydraulic actuator to prevent overrunning. A remote ‘P’ version is also available for use in braking circuits.


Vickers “Hydrocushion” type counterbalance valves are used for the control of unloading and sequence of oil flow in hydraulic systems, induced by pressure rise either directly or by remote means. They are available in the following types: counterbalance valve, Type 1—internally operated; counterbalance valve, Type 4—remotely controlled. These valves are usually applied in a system to keep a vertical load from falling. All models provide free reverse flow by means of an integral check valve. (Refer to valves without integral check when reverse free flow is not required.)