Eaton Flange Mounted Pressure Controls


Relief, Unloading & Check Valves - 06, 08, 10 & 12 Size 

Vickers space saving CPF relief valves improve machine reliability and uptime by limiting the pressure in a hydraulic circuit to the desired maximum, thereby protecting the hydraulic pump and system from pressure peaks. The CPF relief valves are designed to mount on a wide range ofSAE pump outlet port flanges to eliminate intervalve piping and fittings Direct pump f lange mounting of the valves reduces installation costs and provides a highly leak – resistant, compact pump control package.

CPF relief valves are of two –stage design with a fast–acting poppet type main stage for simple, long-lasting and effective operation. The pilot stage features a sensitive adjustment mechanism which allows setting of the pressure in fine increments over a wide range – up to the maximum rating of the valve.


  • Direct mounting to pump flange reduces potential leak points for superior leak resistance.
  • Reduced installed costs and space requirements.
  • Excellent repeatability and stable performance from cartridge design main stage parts.
  • High response due to small trapped volume.
  • Easier installation and servicing of components.
  • Pilot design minimizes response time and cracking flow which allows for high pressure stability thus increasing system productivity.
  • Fast opening and closing action and stable performance from cartridge design.
  • Minimum unloaded pressure drop due to short piping runs.
  • Viton seals provide multi-fluid capability without the need to change seals.