Eaton DG3 (5)V-5 Directional Controls


DG3V-5, 10 Series, Pilot Operated
DG5V-5, 10/20 Series, Solenoid Controlled, Pilot Operated
ISO 4401-05-05-0-94

These valves are used for controlling the starting, stopping and direction of fluid flow.

Two types of control are available:

  • Hydraulic pilot pressure (DG3V-5 models)
  • Integrally-mounted solenoid operated pilot valves (DG5V-5 models) comprising spring-offset, spring-centered and detented versions.

Pilot pressure and drain can be independently configured for internal or external connection. All spool types have been designed to provide good low-shock, fast-response characteristics which can be enhanced by an optional pilot choke module to control the speed of travel of the main spool.