Eaton DG1 (7)S4 Directional Control


Mechanical Actuators and Directional Control Valves

  • DG2S2/4-01*-52 Plunger Operated
  • DG16S2/4-01*-52 Deceleration Valve
  • DG1S2/4-01*-50 Knob Operated
  • DG17S2/4-01*-50 Lever Operated
  • NFPA D05, ISO-4401-05

The mechanical directional control valves described in the available brochure are:

  • Two & Four-way cam operated valves DG2/16S4-01
  • Knob & Lever operated valves DG1/17S4-01

Mechanical operation used by these valves is achieved by either hand actuation or roller cam. Many applications that use the roller cam feature are deceleration valves to control the movement of a load.