Eaton DG (3,5,7) H8 Directional Control Valves

  • DG3*-H8; 30 and 10 Series, Pilot Operated
  • DG17*-H8; 30 and 10 Series, Manually Operated
  • DG5*-H8; 50 and 30 Series, Solenoid Controlled, Pilot Operated
  • ISO 4401 Size 08

DG**-H8 valves are used primarily for controlling the starting, stopping and direction of fluid flow. Basically, six series of valves are available grouped into DG*S moderate pressure versions and DG*V high pressure versions. There is a choice of up to 18 different spools, dependent on valve configuration. These include meter-in and meter-out spools, and regeneration types that can obviate extra valves essential in traditional circuit arrangements. All spools have been designed to provide good low shock, fast response characteristics which can be enhanced by optional stroke and/or pilot choke adjustments.