Eaton Pilot Operated Check Valves PCG(5)V 6/8


These pilot operated check valves operate as a direct check valve but can also be opened by pilot pressure, on the control piston, to permit free reverse flow. The amount of pilot pressure required to open the valve is stated as a ratio of the pressure above the check to the pilot pressure.

Two basic types of valve are available relative to the piloting method. The PCGV model is the traditional type requiring an external remote pilot valve to control the admission and release of pressure to the pilot piston. The other, the PCG5V model, has a fitted solenoid-operated pilot valve that obviates a separate mounting and can include manual override(s) for local emergency control.

The PCG5V type can take its hydraulic pilot supply from the load pressure in the adjacent cylinder under control or from a remote
source. Where cylinder pressure is to be used and where even the minimal internal leakage through the closed pilot valve would cause an unacceptable amount of cylinder “creep”, a Vickers poppet-type pilot valve can be substituted. This pilot would be a model DG3VP-3-103A. All PCG(5)V valves are available with or without an integral decompression feature.