Eaton Solenoid Valves

Poppet and Spool type solenoid actuated valves for applications up to 350 bar (5000 psi) and 227 L/min (60 USgpm)

Vickers solenoid valves are offered with the widest choice of flow paths and position options to satisfy most requirements. These options include:

  • 2-way. 2-position, normally open and normally closed spool and poppet valves
  • 3-way, 2-position spool valves
  • 4-way, 2-position spool valves
  • 4-way, 3-position spool valves


  • Products in this catalog have been fatigue tested for one million cycles at 132% or 10 million cycles at 115% of rated pressure
  • Rated flows up to 227 L/min (60 USgpm)
  • Poppet and spool designs
  • Standard cartridge cavities
  • All operating parts are hardened steel, ground and honed for long life and low leakage
  • Cartridge design for maximum flexibility and minimal manifold space requirements
  • Optional low-cost manual override is available on selected models All exposed surfaces are zinc dichromate plated to resist corrosion 
  • All aluminum manifolds are gold anodized to resist corrosion 
  • Reliable, economical and compact
  • Manual override options are available on all solenoid valves excep