Eaton Manifolds

Standard bar manifolds are configurable in Eaton’s packaged systems. All designs begin with a schematic circuit design inspired by the application. Before the planning stage, review the design utilizing the following steps:

  • Match schematic symbols to model codes.
  • Note size and cavity of each valve and write it on schematic.
  • Note port numbers of the valves and write them on schematic.
  • Note manifold port types and sizes specified by customer.
  • Note pressure, flow and material of manifold block (steel or aluminum).

Circuit questions should be answered by the customer before beginning a design. It is also recommended that schematic hydraulic regions or networks be color coded using color pens. Regions or networks may be broken down in individual colors (pressure, tank, pilot, etc.) but it may be easier to design if regions are broken down into sub-regions such as pressure from port one of a solenoid valve to port two of a relief valve. Eaton’s bar stock manifolds include relief valves, have several manifold options and are available in two different materials.

Applications: Civil Projects, Primary Metals, Metal Forming, Automotive, Pulp and Paper, Wind-power, Entertainment, Food & Beverage. 


  • Configurable selection of manifold and material options
  • Stocking of preferred components
  • Configurable design on Eaton’s Package Systems Configurator