Eaton Check Valves

Direct and pilot operated check valve functions for applications up to 350 bar (5000 psi) and 227 L/min (60 USgpm).

The Vickers range of direct and pilot operated check valves provides the hydraulic circuit designer with a wide selection of cartridge and in-line products. These valves are used for position load locking, and as an alternative to counterbalance valves where neither the overrunning loads or release speed are factors in the application. 

The high pressure POC*-10 and POC*-12 series of pilot-to-open check valves complement the CBV*-10 and CBV*-12 counterbalance cartridges and are physically interchangeable with them. The POC’s provide a low cost alternative to load control when the dynamics of neither overrunning loads nor load release speed are factors to be considered in the design of the hydraulic circuit for the load to be controlled.

The pilot-to-open valves positively lock a load from port 1 to port 2 until pilot pressure applied to port 3 is sufficient to unseat the valve. This then permits flow from port 1 to port 2. The load can also be released through means of an optional screw type override.