Eaton Mobile Vane Pumps VQH Series


3500 PSI Fixed Displacement Mobile Vane Pumps
VQH Series (Supplement to Catalog 353)

VQH Series fixed displacement single and double vane pumps employ a new rotor design that enhances pressure capability and efficiency over the 20th design VQ pumps. VQH cartridge kits are interchangeable with those of VQ series. In order to accommodate high pressure requirements, the VQH pump housing is upgraded to ductile iron. The VQH installation dimensions are exactly the same as VQ pumps.

Available Pump Frame sizes are:

Single and Thru-Drive pumps: 25, 35, and 45
Double Pumps: 2520, 3520, 3525, 4520, 4525 and 4535

For installation dimensions, please refer to VQ pump section in Cat. 353 “Vane Pump and Motor Design Guide for
Mobile Equipment.”

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Maximum Pressures to 160 bar (2300 psi) 

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