Eaton PFB Piston Pumps - Fixed


Fixed Displacement, Inline Design

PFB fixed displacement piston pumps are available in four geometric displacements: 10,5; 21,1; 42,8 and 94,4 cm3/rev(0.64, 1.29, 2.61 and 5.76in3/rev). Depending upon displacement and type of fluid used, maximum speeds are from1200 to 3600 r/min, and maximum operating pressures are from 69 to 210 bar (1000 to 3000 psi). Foot mountings are avaiable for all models.


  • Advanced design and extensive use of powdered metallurgy permit Vickers to offer inline piston pumps at a substantial weight and cost reduction.
  • P FB pumps feature high volumetric and overall efficiencies, and are proven by millions of hours of rugged field service.
  • Simplicity of design means fewer parts, which increases reliability and also permits fast, easy field service. 
  • High speeds, pressures and efficiencies give high power density, resulting in compact pumps that require minimum installed space.
  • SAE straight-thread and 4-bolt flange ports use O-ring seals to minimize chance of leakage.