Eaton Power Units

Integrated Motor Pumps, models MP15, MP22, MP45, MP75 & MP92 are are all 15 kW, 20 hp to 92 kW, 125 hp. 

The Vickers Integrated Motor Pump is a unique combination of a conventional AC induction motor cooled with system hydraulic oil and a Vickers hydraulic pump, either fixed vane pump or variable piston type, housed in a special sound reduction enclosure.

This combination provides an exceptionally quiet and small pumping package for any industrial application requiring up to 125 horsepower (92 kilowatts) of continuous hydraulic power. The package comes completely assembled, tested, and ready for installation. 

Circulating the hydraulic oil through the motor, bathing both the rotor and stator, makes it possible to obtain twice  the normal continuous output power from the motor windings. Physical size reductions of 35% to 50% compared with conventional pumping packages are possible as a result. Normal operation of the motor is not affected by circulating oil through it, nor is the system’s hydraulic oil damaged.

Heat generated within the electric motor is carried away by the hydraulic fluid and dissipated by the hydraulic cooling system. A motor fan is not needed, which makes it practical to cover the entire assembly (motor and pump) with a compact, polyethylene sound reduction enclosure. This reduces the sound from the pump as well as the motor, resulting in a noise level reduction that is  nsurpassed in the industry.

A complete line of standard Vickers pumps can be fitted to the Integrated Motor Pump including single fixed vane pumps, single  ariable piston pumps, double vane pumps, double piston pumps or mixed vane and piston combinations.