Eaton Accumulators - Bladder, Diaphragm & Piston Type

The shells of bladder and piston type accumulators are manufactured from a homogeneous, seamless tubing. In bladder accumulators one or both ends is formed hemispherically by either spinning or hammering operations. Strict heat treatment and stress relieving is performed on all shells after the forging operation to ensure compliance with the required mechanical properties.

A full range of bladders have been developed from the most advanced elastomers capable of meeting low temperatures (down to -45 F) and high temperatures (up to 400 F). These same bladder materials are compatible with most fluids.

A computer program enables calculation of the gas permeation level of different elastomers. This allows us to recommend a bladder material and set up a pre-charge maintenance program which is suited to our customers needs.

The fluid port incorporates a poppet valve which prevents the extrusion of the bladder. Special care has been taken in the design of the fluid port assembly to prevent turbulent flow, pressure drop, and potential preclosure of the poppet valve. A heavy duty spring prevents premature closure of the poppet valve.

The design of the bladder accumulator makes use of the considerable difference in compressibility between a gas and fluid. The bladder contained in the shell is precharged with nitrogen gas to a pressure determined by the work to be done.

Sizes to 454 l (120 USgal.)

Pressures to 345 bar (5000 psi)