Eaton Accessories For Hydraulic Systems

Vickers accessories are designed to facilitate the installation, or augment the start-up or performance, of Vickers primary components and systems on industrial and mobile machinery. The accessories are also compatible with other product brands. Accessories available include:

  • Air Bleed Valves
  • Ball Shuttle Valves
  • Bolt Kits
  • Flanges - SAE 4-bolt
  • Flanges - Square Flanges and Unions
  • Foot Bracket Kits for Pumps and Motors
  • Needle Valves 
  • Angle and Globe Valves, Needle and Plug Types
  • Oil Coolers - Air Type 
  • Oil Coolers - Water Type
  • Pressure Gages - Diaphragm Type
  • Pressure Gages - Bourdon Tube 
  • Pressure Gages - Spring-loaded 
  • Reservoir Filler-breather
  • Vacuum and Pressure Switches