Eaton Variable Displacement Piston Pump


Manual and Servo Controlled

Variable displacement piston pumps are used in closed loop systems either as a single or tandem pump. Oil is circulated by the pump to the motor and then returned directly back to the pump. A charge supply is used to supplement the closed loop system with oil. The charge supply may be supplied by an internal charge pump (standard) or an external source.

Typical Applications:

Harvester Equipment: Combines, Fruit or Vegetable Pickers, Swathers
Forestry Equipment: Log Skidders, Bark Removers, Limb Removers
Construction Equipment: Trenchers, Skid Loaders, Utility Vehicles, Sweepers
Turf Care Equipment: Mowers, Loaders, 
Industrial Equipment: Lift Trucks, Sissor lifts
Paving Equipment: Rollers, Packers