Eaton Hydraulics Pressure or Pressure-Flow Compensated Piston Pumps


Model 70122, 70422, 70423, and 70523

In hydraulic systems that use Eaton's Medium Duty piston pumps and motors, the optimum viscosity range is 10 - 39 cSt [60 - 180 SUS], at normal operating temperatures. Viscosity should never fall below 6 cSt [45 SUS]. At the lowest expected start-up temperature, the viscosity, with a non-charge system, should not exceed 432 cSt [2,000 SUS].

Installation Requirements:

  • Install piston pumps in such a position that the case drain assures an oil level at or above unit center line.
  • Oil level must be at center line or above before starting piston pump.
  • Provide a case drain line of adequate size to limit the case pressure to 2 bar [25 PSI] maximum.
  • Filtration is recommended.
  • The combined torque required to turn two or more pumps must not exceed the torque rating of the input drive shaft of the front piston pump.