Eaton Hydraulics 420 Mobile Piston Pump


420 Series mobile pumps are open circuit, axial piston designs.  It comes in displacements ranging from 41 cc to 80 cc and can handle pressures of up to 4000 psi. Configurations are available to fit popular transmission and PTO packages. A variety of controls provides the ability to match the pumps to each application. Efficiency of the pump controls allows down-sizing of system cooling needs, allowing a smaller and less  expensive design to be used. Alternatively, cooling capacity could be kept the same and the flow capability of the system increased, thus improving performance and customer satisfaction.

A strong proven rotating group allows the pumps to handle pressures to 280 bar (4000 psi) continuous and 320 bar (4600 psi) intermittent – with less maintenance cost. High load bearings and a stiff drive shaft help provide a pump B10 bearing life of 3320 hours at rated mobile conditions, reducing operating costs and extending operating life.

420 Series pumps feature a saddle-type swashplate with steel-backed polymer bearings. The swashplate features a pressurel ubrication passage to reduce wear and further support internal loads. The stiff swashplate reduces deflection and allows even loading of the bearings, improving life. A single control piston reduces forces acting on the swashplate, resulting in reduced package size, which allows pump installation into tighter locations.