Brand Hydraulics Shuttle Valves - SHV

The Brand, shuttle valve has two inlet ports and one outlet port. The purpose of the shuttle valve is to accept flow from the inlet  ith the higher pressure and to route it to the outlet, while keeping the inlet flows isolated from one another. We manufacture shuttle valves in two sizes SHV50C and SHV25. The SHV50C has 1/2” NPT ports, capable of 0-15 gpm (0-57 lpm) and a peak pressure drop of 15 psi (1.0 bar). SHV25 has 1/4” NPT ports, capable of 0-5 gpm (0-19 lpm) and a peak pressure drop of 50 psi (3.4 bar).


  • Hardened steel ball for wear resistance and greater durability
  • Ball type construction for minimal leakage
  • Low and high flow capacity for any type of application