Brand Hydraulics Proportional Combiner - B300

The Brand, B300 non-adjustable proportional combiner takes two streams of flow and combines them into one stream and it also offers free reverse flow from each outlet port. Flow can travel in reverse through the outlet port and is non-metered when it goes in reverse. The non-metered flow travels through the outlet, up the center of the valve, past both ball checks and then out the inlet port. This valve gives the customer the ability to synchronize two single acting cylinders when lowering two different gravity loads. It also gives the customer the ability to synchronize two double acting cylinders by plumbing a B300 at the inlet of both cylinders and another B300 at the outlet of both cylinders. The ratio of combination is dependent on predrilled orifices in the alves spool. It can combine two streams into one stream of unequal size up to 85:15 ratio. The B300’s advantage over the divider is that it combines the flows instead of separating the flows. By combining the flows, the integrator spool provides back pressure that prevents cavitation and lunging. 


  • Precision ground heat treated spool that assures long life
  • Combines two streams into one at a fixed ratio
  • Non-metered free reverse flow allows fluid to travel from the outlet to the inlet ports.