03 Series

Eaton K(B)FD/TG4V-3 Proportional Directional Valves

Pressures to 350 bar (5000 psi).

Vickers proportional valves are designed to provide a controlled oil flow in direct proportion to a command signal. They are available in two types: a double solenoid version that will provide reversible flow to an actuator and a single solenoid throttle version that provides a single direction of flow. 


Eaton K(B)SDG4V-3 Series Directional Valves With Feedback

These four-way solenoid operated proportional valves have a high dynamic performance which enables them to be used in closed-loop applications, previously possible only with servo valves. Various spool options are available for rated flows up to 40  /min (10.6 USgpm). Working pressures are to 350 bar (5000 psi). The spool position is monitored by an LVDT which feeds back information to the amplifier, enabling spool position to be accurately maintained. This valve type can be supplied with or without an integral amplifier built directly onto the valve.

Pressures to 350 bar (5075 psi)


Eaton K*G4V-3 Proportional, Directional and Throttle Valves

KDG and KTG Valves Vickers KDG and KTG valves are non-feedback type proportional valves. The KDG is a proportional  irectional valve with two solenoids (C models). It incorporates control of flow, direction, acceleration, and deceleration in a  ingle
control valve.

The KTG is a proportional throttle valve with a single solenoid. B models are spring centered with solenoid A removed. F models are spring offset to port A and respond to an increasing signal by reducing the flow rate. The KTG’s spool can be infinitely positioned to achieve throttling (restriction) of the fluid flow.

The primary function of these valves is to direct and meter fluid flow in proportion to current received by the solenoid. This fluid flow controls the velocity, direction, and acceleration or deceleration of a work cylinder  or fluid motor.

These valves are designed to fill the performance gap between conventional solenoid operated directional valves and servo valves or feedback-type proportional valves. They provide control of spool position and metered fluid flow in applications that don’t require the high levels of accuracy, repeatability, or response possible with feedback-type proportional valves or servos.

Eaton KBD/TG4V-3 Series Proportional Directional Valves

Eaton KBDG5V Series Proportional Directional Control Valves

Two-stage models without electrical feedback. 

Vickers KBDG5V-5/7/8/10 are solenoid operated directional control, non-feedback type proportional valves.

These are two-stage proportional directional control valves in which the main-stage spool is positioned according to the output from an integrally mounted proportional, solenoid-operated, pressure-reducing valve. Direction of main-spool travel depends  pon which of the two solenoids of the pilot valve is energized and the amount of travel is dependent upon the current input to the solenoid.

At any intermediate position of the main spool, a force balance exists between the controlled, reduced pilot pressure acting on the spool end and the opposing centering spring, plus the action of flow forces. There is no electrical feedback of the main-stage spool position. This range of valves offers effective and economic solutions for applications having repetitive load conditions throughout each operating cycle, e.g. mold closure /opening in plastics molding machinery.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • These global products, manufactured to world-class quality standards, are sold and serviced throughout the world. 
  • These valves open up expanded application opportunities as a cost effective alternative to feedback-type proportional and servo valves.
  • Auxiliary DIN-rail mounted function modules available. 
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