Eaton 3-Way Cartridge Valves With Spool Position Feedback

  • Type CVU-**-EPQ; Sizes 32 and 50
  • Flow Rates up to 750 L/min (200 USgpm)
  • Maximum Pressure: 315 bar (4500 psi)

The hydraulically operated CVU-**-EPQ valve must be controlled by a separate proportional-solenoidoperated pilot valve, for which recommendations are included in the catalog. The size 3 pilot valve is available with integral control electronics, valve type KBSDG4V-3, allowing direct connection with the user's control system.

The 3-way function provides fully controllable throttling action between service port “A” and either inlet port “P” or outlet port “T” according to spool position, with a closed transient. In the normal condition (i.e. no hydraulic pilot pressure) the spool is biased by the integral spring to give the flow path “A” to “T”: this may be referred to as the “failsafe” condition.

These valves are intended for use in open and closed-loop control systems, and the published performance data herein is applicable only when they are used in such systems with the appropriate Vickers® pilot valve and associated electronics.