Eaton Proportional Valves, K(A)X(C)G-6/8. 1*Series


These two-stage pressure reducing valves (based on Vickers type X(C)G2V valves, featured in catalog 2321) incorporate an electro-hydraulic proportional pressure pilot stage (Vickers type KCG-3 valve, described in catalog 2162) by which the reduced pressure setting is adjustable in response to an electrical input. Each model (in two sizes, with optional free reverse flow check valve responds to variations of current input to its solenoid, for which separate Vickers drive amplifiers, with PWM output stage and output current control, are available.


  • Remote electrical proportional control of reduced pressure from a choice of five pressure ranges per valve size.
  • Excellent repeatability and stable performance results from cartridge design of mainstage parts.
  • Low installed cost and space requirement from high power/size ratios (more than double that of many conventional designs)