Eaton Coils and Electronic Controls

Solenoid valve and proportional valve coils and electronic controls for proportional valves.  

Standard AC coils are internally rectified to supply them with DC current, therefore they have no "inrush" current value. 

  • Coils are rated for continuous duty
  • Coils are interchangeable for serviceability
  • Variety of voltages and terminations
  • Coils offer a one-piece weather-proof encapsulated design, eliminating the need for extra seals
  • AC voltage coils are internally full-wave rectified for 50 to 60 cycle (Hz) applications. 
  • An arc suppression diode molded into the coil is available as a standard option on DC coils. Also available are explosion-proof coils and cartridges that are CSA approved and recognized by the US Underwriters Laboratories are available.