Eaton Medium Pressure Filtration

OFP, OFMT and OFRT Pressure and Return Line Filter.

Max. working pressures from 3 to 420 bar (45 to 6100 psi)

Flow rates from 10 to 2000 L/min (2.6 to 528.3 USgpm)

OFP filters are designed for pressure line applications and are suitable for in-line installation. OFMT filters are designed for return lines and are installed semi-immersed in a reservoir. OFRT filters are also designed for return lines and are installed semi-immersed or totally immersed in a reservoir. All remove particulate contaminants from the fluid, thus improving performance and reliability of system components while extending their service life. Vickers provides a variety of options to implement contamination control in hydraulic systems.

To achieve target cleanliness levels, filters are available with a wide range of:

  • Element choices
  • Port sizes
  • Bypass valves

Filters are thoroughly multipass tested (ISO 4572, β ≥ 200) and rated to achieve cleanliness levels in accordance with ISO 4406. For assistance in selecting a target cleanliness level, consult American National Standard Institute ANSI (NFPA/JIC) T2.24.1-1991 or your local Vickers representative.