Hydro-Line Cylinders

Eaton AM MM WM Mill Type Cylinders


  • Bore Sizes: 2 ̋ - 16 ̋
  • Pressure Ratings:

MM- 2,000 psi Nominal Hydraulic Service

WM- 3,000 psi Nominal Hydraulic Service

AM- 250 psi Pneumatic Service

Eaton Lesa TT Linear Electrohydraulic Servo Actuators

The Vickers LESA Series TT servo actuator, designed primarily for wood products processing applications, combines a high performance hydraulic cylinder and a control valve mounting manifold in one convenient package. Advanced, closed loop motion control is readily attainable with the simple addition of a proportional or servo valve and a precision non-contacting feedback transducer coupled with the appropriate electronic controls.

The LESA series servo actuators are designed to eliminate the need for separate hydraulic manifolds, plumbing between control valve and cylinder, transducer mounting brackets, and other complex arrangements typical of the cumbersome systems it replaces.

Eaton TE, TL Cylinders

Nominal Pressure: 250 psi Air / 1000 psi Hydraulic

Eaton TF Cylinders

Nominal Pressure: 250 psi Air / 1000 psi Hydraulic

Eaton TQ Agricultural Cylinders

Nominal Pressure: 2500 psi

Designed for Agricultural Applications

  • Working pressure to 2500 psi
  • Intermittent surge pressures to 3000 psi
  • Pressure tested to 4000 psi

ASAE Standard Cylinders

There are nine Series TQ cylinders designed for use where ASAE 8” and 16” stroke cylinders are required. Part numbers with “ASAE ” suffix represent ASAE cylinders. Additional specifications are provided in the main part number table. There are no available options. ASAE 16” stroke cylinders incorporate 1 1/4 ” diameter clevis pins.

Eaton TV Cylinders

ISO 6020-2 and DIN 24554 Interchangeable

Nominal Pressure: 160 bar Hydraulic

Working Pressure: Up to 210 bar Hydraulic

Eaton TZ Cylinders

ANSI B93.15/NFPA Interchangeable

Nominal Pressure: 3000 psi (210 bar)

Eaton VN/VP Cylinders

Nominal Pressure: 250 psi Air, 400 psi Hydraulic

Hydro-Line 20/30 Boosters


  • Bore Sizes: 31⁄4” through 14”
  • Pressure Rating: 5000 psi
  • Temperature: -40°F to 200°F standard

Series 20 and Series 30 Boosters incorporate PolyPak ram seals, nitrile lip-type piston seals, .0003/.0005” thick chrome plated tube I.D. and NPTF ports.

What is a Booster?

A booster is a fluid power component which utilizes a source of fluid under pressure to produce a higher pressure. The input and output fluid may be air, oil or water. The input fluid is usually air and the output fluid usually is oil.

Output pressure of a booster is proportional to the cross- sectional area of the driving piston divided by the cross-sec- tional area of the driven high-pressure ram (the booster’s pison rod is, in effect, a hydraulic ram). For example, if a piston has an area of 25 sq. in. and the high-pressure ram has an area of 1 sq. in., output pressure will be 25 times as great as the input pressure. Conversely, the volume of output oil will be 1⁄25 that of input air.

Where are Boosters Used?

Hydro-Line boosters commonly are used in cylinder applications such as pressing, calendering, riveting, clamp- ing, crimping, molding, welding, punching and hydrostatic testing. Boosters are not limited to cylinder applications and may be used wherever a small volume of high-pressure fluid is required.

Hydro-Line Electric Feedback Cylinders

Cylinder Position Sensing

SN5 Heavy Duty

SHR5 Medium Duty

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