Eaton Series 2 Heavy Duty Pump


  • 430 Bar Pressure Rating
  • Speeds to 4510 RPM
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Electronic Controls
  • 1 Year Warranty on Electronics

The Eaton® Series 2 Heavy Duty Pump

The Advanced Series 2 Heavy Duty pump, with a cradle swashplate design, combines the time-tested reliability you expect from Eaton with compact packaging, exceptional control and quiet operation. New pump mounted electronic controls range from the simple Electronic Proportional (EP) Displace- ment Control to the sophisticated Multiplex Control with CAN communications for displacement and pressure control.

The Series 2 Pump’s single piece pump housing provides exceptional strength and soundproofing. Eaton’s cast iron housing has only one major opening versus two openings for competitive pumps. This provides a stronger, more rigid pump housing and reduces the number of gasketed joints.

The high-strength, one-piece swashplate has the swashlever and servo-pin integrated into the swashplate, delivering increased reliability without adding extra weight.

A large diameter single servo piston permits pump operation at lower charge pressures, minimizing parasitic charge pump losses for increased overall pump efficiency. A large centering spring, housed within the servo piston, returns the pump to neutral in the event of control pressure loss.

The new integral gerotor type charge pump combines excellent suction/speed capabilities in a compact design. Several displacement options are available to suit the needs of every application, including tandem pumps.

The pump mounted electronics and sensors have been specially designed to meet the rigors of the mobile - off road enviroment, including resistance to electromagnetic interference or emissions.

A variety of available drive shaft configurations – straight keyed, splined, or tapered–ensures the proper shaft for your application.

The serviceable bi-metal bearing plate has steel for high pressure capability and a bronze bearing face for high speed capabilities.

SAE auxiliary mounts: “A,” “B,” “B-B” and “C” are available with and without charge pump. Excellent torque capability allows high horsepower to work circuits without multiple pump drives.

The main system ports – SAE code 61 and code 62 – are available with SAE or Metric threads. Opposite side and same side configurations are now available to accommodate a wide range of installations.