Eaton Hydraulics 620 Mobile Piston Pump


The 620 Series is currently available in 98cc (6.0in3displacement with future plans to include the development of 65cc, 74cc and 120cc displacements in the family. With a wide range of pump controls, the 620 is rated for 280 bar (4,000 psi) and 2,200 rpm making it the ideal pump for an array of different mobile and industrial applications. 

At 91.4 lbs (49.7 kg), the 620 is among the lightest pumps available in its class. A lighter hydraulic pump means lower overall vehicle weight, which results in increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for end-users. Lower weight also makes the 620 is easier to handle in assembly, maintenance and repair. 

Applications include:


Wheel Loaders

Motor Graders


Concrete Equipment

Trencher Boring Equipment

Truck and Bus

Salt and Sand Spreaders

Vacuum Trucks


Refuse Trucks

Oil and Gas

Drill Rigs

Other Mobile Applications

Rail Maintenance

Forestry Harvester