Eaton Hydraulics 420 Mobile Piston Pump


420 Series mobile pumps are open circuit, axial piston designs.  It comes in displacements ranging from 41 cc to 80 cc and can handle pressures of up to 4000 psi. Configurations are available to fit popular transmission and PTO packages. A variety of controls provides the ability to match the pumps to each application. Efficiency of the pump controls allows down-sizing of system cooling needs, allowing a smaller and less  expensive design to be used. Alternatively, cooling capacity could be kept the same and the flow capability of the system increased, thus improving performance and customer satisfaction.

A strong proven rotating group allows the pumps to handle pressures to 280 bar (4000 psi) continuous and 320 bar (4600 psi) intermittent – with less maintenance cost. High load bearings and a stiff drive shaft help provide a pump B10 bearing life of 3320 hours at rated mobile conditions, reducing operating costs and extending operating life.

420 Series pumps feature a saddle-type swashplate with steel-backed polymer bearings. The swashplate features a pressurel ubrication passage to reduce wear and further support internal loads. The stiff swashplate reduces deflection and allows even loading of the bearings, improving life. A single control piston reduces forces acting on the swashplate, resulting in reduced package size, which allows pump installation into tighter locations.

Eaton Hydraulics 620 Mobile Piston Pump


The 620 Series is currently available in 98cc (6.0in3displacement with future plans to include the development of 65cc, 74cc and 120cc displacements in the family. With a wide range of pump controls, the 620 is rated for 280 bar (4,000 psi) and 2,200 rpm making it the ideal pump for an array of different mobile and industrial applications. 

At 91.4 lbs (49.7 kg), the 620 is among the lightest pumps available in its class. A lighter hydraulic pump means lower overall vehicle weight, which results in increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for end-users. Lower weight also makes the 620 is easier to handle in assembly, maintenance and repair. 

Applications include:


Wheel Loaders

Motor Graders


Concrete Equipment

Trencher Boring Equipment

Truck and Bus

Salt and Sand Spreaders

Vacuum Trucks


Refuse Trucks

Oil and Gas

Drill Rigs

Other Mobile Applications

Rail Maintenance

Forestry Harvester


Eaton Hydraulics Bent Axis Motors


Eaton’s family of bent axis motors offer vehicle designers greater flexibility than ever before. Capable of operation in open or closed circuit applications. These units are well suited to a vast array of both industrial-stationary and on-off highway mobile applications and circuit types.

The proven design incorporating convex valve plates, high quality components and manufacturing techniques, results in high performance products capable of up to 350 bar (5075 psi) continuous and 450 bar (6525 psi) peak performance. This high
performance, yet compact design allows high power density in small spaces. Fully laboratory tested and field proven, these motors provide maximum efficiency and long life. Heavy duty bearings permit high radial and axial loads.  

Eaton Hydraulics Pressure or Pressure-Flow Compensated Piston Pumps


Model 70122, 70422, 70423, and 70523

In hydraulic systems that use Eaton's Medium Duty piston pumps and motors, the optimum viscosity range is 10 - 39 cSt [60 - 180 SUS], at normal operating temperatures. Viscosity should never fall below 6 cSt [45 SUS]. At the lowest expected start-up temperature, the viscosity, with a non-charge system, should not exceed 432 cSt [2,000 SUS].

Installation Requirements:

  • Install piston pumps in such a position that the case drain assures an oil level at or above unit center line.
  • Oil level must be at center line or above before starting piston pump.
  • Provide a case drain line of adequate size to limit the case pressure to 2 bar [25 PSI] maximum.
  • Filtration is recommended.
  • The combined torque required to turn two or more pumps must not exceed the torque rating of the input drive shaft of the front piston pump.

Eaton Variable Displacement Piston Pump


Manual and Servo Controlled

Variable displacement piston pumps are used in closed loop systems either as a single or tandem pump. Oil is circulated by the pump to the motor and then returned directly back to the pump. A charge supply is used to supplement the closed loop system with oil. The charge supply may be supplied by an internal charge pump (standard) or an external source.

Typical Applications:

Harvester Equipment: Combines, Fruit or Vegetable Pickers, Swathers
Forestry Equipment: Log Skidders, Bark Removers, Limb Removers
Construction Equipment: Trenchers, Skid Loaders, Utility Vehicles, Sweepers
Turf Care Equipment: Mowers, Loaders, 
Industrial Equipment: Lift Trucks, Sissor lifts
Paving Equipment: Rollers, Packers


Piston Motors



  • Compact
  • Lightweight Durable Housing
  • Numerous Shaft options
  • SAE Mounting Flanges
  • SAE O-ring Porting
  • Dual Rotation
  • Various Porting OptionsFixed Displacements
  • Variable Displacements

Eaton medium duty piston motors convert hydraulic energy supplied by the pump to mechanical energy. These motors are uniquely suited to fit any application that requires continuous rotary motion at a remote location from the power source. Axial piston motors share the design advantages of piston pumps to provide long-lasting power in a light-weight, easily serviceable package.

PVW Hydrokraft Piston Pump


Hydrokraft's PVW series Open circuit piston pumps are ideally suited for the most demanding industrial applications and are capable of operating at continuous pressures up to 350 bar [5000 psi] for thousands of hours.  This product is available from 130cc [8.0in3] to 750cc [45.3 in3] at 1800rpm. 

The DuraForce HPR Open Loop Piston Pumps


The DuraForce HPR open loop piston pumps offers a full range of pump controls in a very compact pump package. The HPR Series has pressure capabilities to 420 bar, with displacements ranging from 55 cc to 280 cc. 

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