Char-Lynn Power Steering Controls

The Char-Lynn steering control unit (SCU) is fully fluid linked. This means there is no mechanical connection between the steering unit, the pump and the steering cylinders. The unit consists of a manually operated directional control servo valve and feedback meter element in a single body. It is used principally for fluid linked power steering systems but it can be used for some servo-type applications or any application where visual positioning is required. The close coupled, rotary action valve performs all necessary fluid directing functions with a small number of moving parts. The manually actuated valve is coupled with the mechanical drive to the meter gear. The control is lubricated and protected by the power fluid in the system and can operate in many environments. Char-Lynn power steering control units offer the following advantages:

  • Minimizes steering linkage — reduces cost, provides flexibility in design.
  • Provides complete isolation of load forces from the control station — provides operator comfort.
  • Provides continuous, unlimited control action with very low input torque.
  • Provides a wide selection of control circuits and meter sizes.
  • Can work with many kinds of powersteering pumps or fluid supply.