Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motors H, S, & T Series

Char-Lynn H Series motors are economical, efficient, small, compact, and powerful, designed for medium duty applications. These motors have the industry proven spool valve design combined with state-of-art gerotors. In addition, a wide variety of mounting flanges, shafts, ports, and a low speed valving option provides design flexibility. Direction of shaft rotation and shaft speed can be controlled easily and smoothly throughout the speed range of the motor, and equipment can be driven direct eliminating costly mechanical components.

Char-Lynn S Series motor with Geroler offers the same advantage of low speed, high torque and compact size as the H Series with gerotor. In the Geroler element precision machined rollers form the displacement chambers. The rollers provide support with rolling contact as the star rotates, minimizing friction, providing high efficiency, especially at start-up and at low speeds.

Char-Lynn T Series motors with the Geroler displacement element, offer the same advantage of low friction, and long life as the S Series in a compact size like the H Series. The T Series features the simplicity of Eaton’s proven spool valve and a compact Geroler element that provides better drive life and smoother performance.