Brand Hydraulics Proportional Divider-Combiner - SB4

The valve receives a single stream of fluid and divides it into two equal streams regardless of the pressure differential. When flow is passed through the valve in the opposite direction, it receives the two streams and evenly combines them into one stream. Better accuracy is achieved when the orifices are sized to the specific input flow. SB4__AB – is very similar to the SB4 in that it is   non-adjustable proportional divider-combiner with an automatic adjustable bypass for each outlet. If one cylinder ends its stroke ahead of the other, then the bypass to the lagging cylinder automatically opens and allows the lagging cylinder to finish its stroke. The two outlet flows are pressure compensating and the sum of said flows equals the inlet flow.


  • Precision ground heat treated spool that assures long life
  • Every SB4 is tested for flow ration and pressure compensation
  • Divides inlet flow into two flows of equal flow
  • Combines two streams evenly for all practical pressure differentials
  • Large spool diameter assures positive positioning forces
  • Optional adjustable bypass allows lagging cylinder to finish its stroke