Braden Gearmatic CH330 Planetary Hoist

The CH330 planetary winch family is designed to provide excellent performance and long service life. The CH330 are powered by high efficiency gear motors designed specifically for winch applications that demand smooth operation. The motor torque is multiplied by the highly efficient computer-aided designed gear trans and transmitted to the winch drum. All rotating components are supported by anti-friction bearings and run in oil to minimize any frictional losses. Load control when lowering is maintained by the patented Braden brake valve known for its smooth performance. The Braden brake valve not only provides smooth load control but also adapts well to most hydraulic systems. The Braden brake valve is backed up by an internal automatic multi-disc spring applied hydraulic released safety brake. An over-running clutch permits free rotation through the brake in the hoisting direction but immediately locks up when the hoisting operation is complete. The load is held firm, even if the engine dies or a hydraulic line breaks.bra