Design and Fabrication & Electrical Systems

Each of P.S.I. Fluid Power’s four locations has the design and fabrication capability to bring proprietary innovations to life. Skilled designers use intelligent engineering under complete confidentiality to bring change, growth, and solutions to a vast array of sectors.

As global demand for greener technology broadens, P.S.I. Fluid Power responds with a threefold approach. The company can convert an existing system to save fuel or electricity; can design a more efficient system for emissions reduction; and can work with companies that can utilize grants to make their systems more efficient.

P.S.I. Fluid Power’s position as a hydraulic and electrical parts supplier has opened the doors for bundled systems that take advantage of cutting edge technology for any industry.

Mobile equipment and full service trucks travel to complete onsite trouble shooting, preventative maintenance, and installation and commissioning of new and upgraded systems.

The company’s service offering includes installation and commissioning of all new systems and troubleshooting or upgrading of existing systems on-site. Full service bays, test benches, lathes, and a full ranging of testing equipment at each branch means P.S.I. Fluid Power clients are up and running as quickly as possible.

P.S.I. Fluid Power rounds out its bundled product offering as a supplier and installer of HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection Systems, pre-designed and pre-fabricated fire suppression systems for specialty applications and equipment.